Economic Development

Caveman Bridge in the spring
Creating a healthy and diverse economic base in the Grants Pass area relies on dedicated partners striving to make this region an ideal place to live and do business.

It's the best of all worlds! Grants Pass is a growing community which still maintains its small town atmosphere as a core value. With a growing population and workforce, and superb proximity to key West Coast and Asian markets, Grants Pass offers an excellent choice for a variety of business types. Grants Pass is progressive growth with small-town values.

Grants Pass makes economic development a high priority. With core goals of diversifying the economy, improving the standard of living for its residents, and focusing on smaller, local businesses, the city's economic development program uses key tools, programs, and partnerships to achieve success. 

Grants Pass Urban Renewal Plan - 2016

The purpose of urban renewal is to improve specific areas of a city that are poorly developed or underdeveloped, called blighted areas.  Please read the attached Plan documents for further information.  
Grants Pass Urban Renewal Plan 
Accompanying Report for the Grants Pass Urban Renewal Plan 
Frequently Asked Questions

Joint Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan is a collaborative effort between the City of Grants Pass and Josephine County to continue and carry forward the resilient economy and high quality of life for our residents. 

The Sounding Board

The Sounding Board is held at the SOREDI (Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc.) office in Medford on the first, third, and fourth Wednesday mornings of each month and on the second Wednesday of each month in Grants Pass. These meetings are by appointment only and a session is not to exceed one hour. It is designed for entrepreneurs to present and discuss their business idea and rough business plan.

The Sounding Board consists of a "stable of experts" who agree to listen to the plan, understand the immediate and long-term business needs, and provide constructive feed-back when appropriate. The Sounding Board may also be able to align pertinent resources to assist in achieving the next level of success. Be prepared when presenting at the Sounding Board to discuss what you would like to "take-away" from the meeting.

SOREDI is currently accepting applications for the Sounding Board through their website at For general information, please visit the SOREDI Launch page. 
For questions or comments, please contact Tim Root, Venture Catalyst at 541-773-8946 or via email at