Business Spotlight - Lavender St. Boutique

Lavender St. Boutique
115 SW G Street

Grants Pass, OR  97526

Lavender Street Boutique is one of those adorable places that you just must stop in to see what treasure you can find.  There is a distinct flair and style that is continuously enriched by Traci Yoshitomi, owner and operator.  Traci has been in business for awhile but was in a different location.  An opportunity to move arose so she grabbed it. Being in the bustling downtown is quite an attraction for her and very easy for her customers to find.  

Quaintly decorated, this boutique is neatly stuffed with the eclectic and unique.  Everything from clothing to jewelry to art.  One of the first items Traci brought to attention is the local artisan items.  She loves local art and is happy to sell items from members of the community as well as her own mother, who likes to contribute what she can.  These locally-made items add a wonderful flair and uniqueness to the already exceptional items throughout the shop. Buying local not only is about helping local proprietors and retailers but assisting the art community as well.  

To showcase this even more, Traci makes room for monthly art classes right inside the boutique.  For a nominal fee, you can learn how to create lovely works of art on your own, enjoy some local wine and the comradery of others.

She doesn’t cater to mass-produced quantities or a lot of repeated merchandise.   She prefers to keep items unique and wants customers assured that her items are often one-of-a-kind and hard to find specialties.  There are a few exceptions but if you see it now, you best buy it because it likely won’t be there again.  She plans to travel soon to bring back even more fabulous items.  Purses, hats, women's clothing items, paintings and more.  You never know what wonderful pieces she will bring back to Grants Pass.  

Local, family-owned, businesses are how this community thrives.  It’s boutiques like Lavender St. and others in the downtown that help make Grants Pass quaint.  Customers are like family and Traci likes to have a personal connection with them.  

I enjoyed visiting with Traci to learn about the boutique and about the talented artist she showcases.  She is creative as well as those that work with her providing those unique and special curiosities. Shopping here and in the rest of downtown is a great experience. Pricing is perfect and you will never find those exceptional and tangible finds anyplace else.