Water Rates

Water Rates Effective January 1, 2018

All customer water accounts are metered.

Water rates are reviewed and new rates established annually in order to assure adequate revenues for water system support.

Monthly water billing is based on 2 charges:

  • the size of the meter (service charge) and
  • how much water is used (1 unit = approximately 748 gallons).

Please be aware that those receiving water services who are outside the city limits and do not have a signed service and annexation agreement are subject to a 60% surcharge on all water charges.


Customer Service Charges

Customer Service Charges Based on Meter Size
Meter Size

Per Month

Additional Unit Charge
for Multi-Family & PUDs
3/4 inch or less
1 inch
2 inches
3 inches
4 inches
6 inches
8 inches
10 Inches

The customer service charge does not include any water use.

Single Family Residential

Water usage for a single family residence will be blocked out as detailed below.

  • 1-10 Units - $0.93
  • 11-25 Units - $1.19
  • 26 and More Units - $1.40

Other Classes

Water usage rates for all classes other than single family residential are detailed below and will be based upon per unit measure.

Other Customer Class Usage Rates

Water Usage Rates for all Other Classes
Customer Class

Unit Rate

Multifamily and PUD
Commercial / Public
Interruptible irrigation for public parks and schools
Irrigation - all classes
Standby - all classes

Service Level Charges

Charges are based on service levels, as follows:

  • Service Level 1 - No charge
  • Service Level 2 - $0.10 per unit
  • Service Level 3 - $0.24 per unit
  • Service Level 4 - $0.34 per unit
  • Service Level 5 - $0.45 per unit

Service Deposits

A customer is required to pay a deposit to obtain utility services (only applies to accounts with water) if any of the following apply:

  • The customer or a member of the household has had a collection or write off account within five years of establishment of a new account. The deposit will be the maximum of $150 for residential accounts.
  • The customer or a member of the household had a deposit that had not been refunded due to good credit on a previously established account that had been terminated within five years of establishment of a new account. The deposit will be the same as the previously held deposit.
  • All customers must pay a deposit on the 1st and 3rd termination for non-payment (shut-off) of account. Deposit is $75 for residential and varies for multifamily and commercial based upon number of multifamily units or annual billing. Deposit may be waived at the discretion of the utility billing supervisor or designee based upon extenuating circumstances.
  • A customer refuses to give information requested by the city for the purpose of clarifying the customer’s identity or credibility, or a customer who provides false information at the time of application.
  • A customer uses a pseudonym with the apparent intent of avoiding payment of previous billings.

To view the current Sewer Rates, go to the Sewer Rates page.

Service Charges

A customer that is more than 30 days delinquent on their utility account may be subject to additional notice processing fees.  Fees are as follows:

Courtesy Notice (Orange Door Hanger) processing fee                                 $10.00 each occurrence

Service Termination or shut off (Yellow Door Hanger) processing fee           $20.00 each occurrence