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Radar Trailer Request Form

  1. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety currently utilizes 2 speed trailers to promote compliance with the speed limit.

    Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer: a smaller, self-contained speed-monitoring unit that can be easily be towed from site to site to assist in areas with speed-related problems.

    Message Sign Trailer: a solar-powered reader / radar board capable of displaying messages such as "Your Speed Is:" and "Children Present", among others. The Message Sign Trailer is also used for such special events as Boatnik and Back to the 50s.

    Radar trailer requests are handled on a first come-first serve basis. Radar trailers are out at locations for approximately 5 days at a time. Occasionally, they need to be removed from the roadway and serviced or recharged, which can delay the time in which a trailer is placed in a requested location. Also, note that radar trailers cannot be placed in bike lanes, no parking zones, on sidewalks, or locations that can be considered unsafe or hazardous.

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