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Radar Trailer Request Form

  1. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety currently utilizes 2 speed trailers to promote compliance with the speed limit. One is a Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer: a smaller, self-contained speed-monitoring unit that can be easily be towed from site to site to assist in areas with speed-related problems. The second is a Message Sign Trailer: a solar-powered reader / radar board capable of displaying messages such as "Your Speed Is:" and "Children Present", among others. The Message Sign Trailer is also used for such special events as Boatnik and Back to the 50s.

    Please keep in mind that radar trailer requests are handled on a first come-first serve basis. Radar trailers are out at locations for approximately 5 days at a time. Occasionally, they need to be removed from the roadway and serviced or recharged, which can delay the time in which a trailer is placed in a requested location. Also, note that radar trailers cannot be placed in bike lanes, no parking zones, on sidewalks, or locations that can be considered unsafe or hazardous.

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