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Website Comment/Problem Reporting Form

  1. Introduction

    The City of Grants Pass website is the official website of the City of Grants Pass local government. Its primary focus is to provide information to the local residents of Grants Pass regarding municipal items. It also provides information of interest and service to the local community.

    If you have comments, information requests, or problems to report about the website, fill out and submit this form.

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    After selecting the type of comment or problem, scroll down and enter your comment, question, or problem in the appropriate section.

  3. Utility Bill Payment & Citizen Self Service Portal

    If you are questions or trouble with Online Utility Bill Payment and the Citizen Self Service Portal, please contact Customer Service and Utility Payment (M-F, 9-5) by phone (541-450-6035) or by email (

  4. If you have a question/problem and do not know which department in the city to contact, enter the question here. Also enter your contact information at the end of this form so the webmaster (or responsible department/individual) can reply to your request.

    Note: If you are commenting on information you have been unable to find on the website, or believe the website should include certain information, please go to the "Problem Report" section of this form.

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    In order to best serve you, it is helpful to have your contact information so the webmaster can call or email you to ask further questions.

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