Adopt-A-Street Challenge to Civic Groups

The City of Grants Pass would like to challenge all of our fine civic groups and families to adopt a section of City street and to hold quarterly events to pick up debris. Show your civic pride, keep your city streets clean, and remember to take pictures of your event so we can post them on our website.

About the Adopt-A-Street Program

This Public Works Program gives citizens the opportunity to take ownership of a street of their choice (as long as it is a City street), organize regular litter pickups and contribute to a cleaner, healthier Grants Pass.

Picking up refuse along our City streets will keep it out of the stormwater system, creeks, and rivers ensuring our waterways are maintained at an optimum level.

  • Adopt-A-Street members participate in cleanup efforts at their adopted sites at least quarterly (four times a year).
  • Cleanups are scheduled by each group/individual at their convenience.
  • In exchange for a two year commitment of organizing litter pickups, a customized sign will be installed at each end of your adopted street to announce the name of your group and to honor your community service.

The City of Grants Pass will supply some safety vests, trash bags, and safety guidelines for the participants.

  1. Setting Up The Team
  2. Starting the Cleanup
  3. Group Leader Information

Become a Member of Our Adopt-A-Street Team

In a few easy steps, you can be part of the team. Read the steps below. Download the Adopt-A-Street brochure (PDF) to print the information.

Setting up the Team

  1. Choose a minimum of two (2) City blocks to keep clean. You can verify that the street is available by clicking on this link: City Street Map.
    • You can search by address
    • Only streets in blue can be adopted
    • Green are sections that have already been adopted
  2. Read, complete, and sign the Agreement of Terms and Conditions (PDF) and return the form to the City of Grants Pass Public Works Department at City Hall, Room 205. You will receive confirmation of your request within 7 days.
  3. Read and sign the Safety Guidelines (PDF). (It can be returned with the Agreement form).
  4. When your request is approved, print the Liability Release (PDF) form, and have each member sign the form, it is not necessary to list children’s names. Return the form to the City of Grants Pass Public Works Department at City Hall, Room 205, fax 541-479-6765, or email the Public Works Department . The Group Leader should have new volunteers sign the form and turn it into the Public Works Department.
  5. Once you have been approved, choose the name you would like to have placed on your sign. You can print or email the Adopt-A-Street Sign (PDF) form.

Current Participants

List of Adopt-a-Street Participants and the roads they have adopted.
Adopted Street
1     City of Grants Pass Public Works 4th Street from A to C Street
​C Street from 4th to 6th Street
2     The Kuhnert Family Esther Street
3     The Sandys Family Lawnridge from A to Loughridge
4     Scott and Mary F Street from 6th to Fall Run
5     Three Rivers Cardiac A/B
Ramsey from Allen
Creek Road to Union Avenue
8     GPHS Band and Color Guard A Street from Northeast Baker to Northeast  10th Street
9     Hearts with a Mission Northeast 9th Street from Northeast A to Northeast Hillcrest
10     Paragon Orthopedics Washington Avenue from Midland to A Street
11     Dave and Lora Southeast Gladiola and Southeast Portola
12     Knights of Columbus, St. Anne #3157 H Street between 6th & 9th Streets
13     Asante Three Rivers Central Transport Dept. Three Rivers Medical Center Union Avenue
14     Team Siedlecki Spruce Street
15     Grants Pass Clinic Ramsey Avenue
16     Caveman Kiwanis
Southeast N Street
17     Caveman Kiwanis Southeast Camelot
18     Messenger Family Southwest Greenwood Ave, Bridge Street to Westholm Park
19     JOCO Drug Court Alumni
Bridge Street
20     Insurance Lounge Inc. Northeast Savage from 6th Street to Beacon Drive
21     Fruitdale Grange #379 Parkdale Drive from Rogue River Highway to Parkway
22     Honorary Member (William Cadman) Redwood Avenue from George Tweed to Kokanee
23     St Anne Catholic Church 1131 Northeast 10th Street to Hillcrest
24     St Anne Catholic School A Street to 1131 Northeast 10th Street
25     RCC Student Veterans 4th Street from C to H Streets
26     Greenleaf Ind. Garden Center Midland Avenue
27     Brighton Academy Northeast Mead Street
28       North Valley & Grants Pass High School Key Clubs Northwest Highland Avenue from Northwest Bellevue to Northwest Cooke Avenue
29     1st Christian Church Southwest H Street from 4th to Pine Street
30     Bennett Family & Nevotti Family Northwest Grant Street from B Street to Bellevue
31     Your Local Wells Fargo Bank E Street between 3rd and 9th Streets, 6th and F Street between 6th & 9th Street
32     Oak Lane Retirement Oak Street
33     Southern Oregon Girls Jeep Club Washington Blvd from Midland to Morgan, NW Morgan Between Washington and Hawthorne, and Hawthorne from NW Morgan to Midland, Conklin Ave and M Street from SE Camelot Dr. to SE Ashley
34     Hansen Family E Park St from SE S Park Dr to SE Vista
35     The Johnson Family SE Grandview Ave
36     Ron and Ingrid Sumrall Family SE Kayleigh Way, SE Krystin Pl, and SE Casey Pl
37     Candy's Family Candy Lane and D St from Candy to Flint
38     Deatherage Family Pepperwood
39     FCR 100 - 200 Block of SW H Street
40     Tucker Family SE Yorktown
41     Wells Fargo Bank F Street between 6th and 9th Streets
42     Beckman Coulter Vine Street from Morgan Ln. to Hawthorne Ave.
43     Team Siedlecki 1000 - 1900 Block of SW K Street, Spruce Street
44     Tappan Olmstead Realty Team A Street from Baker to 8th Street
45     South Middle School PTSA 700 - 1200 W. Harbeck Road
46     The Flying Lark GP Downs 1500 Block of Allen Creek Rd, Pansy Lane
47     Greater Grants Pass Rotary G Street between 4th & 9th Streets
48     IOOF I Street between 5th & 8th Streets
49     Carsten Family SE Haviland between SE Linden Ln and Mayfield Dr
50     Kurt, Kristi, & Kylie Lincoln Road between Ford and Kennedy
51     Master Brand Cabinets, Inc. SE Mill Street between SE J and SE M Streets

Adopt-A-Street Teams in Action

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    Grants Pass, OR 97526

    Ph: 541-450-6110
    Fx: 541-479-6765


    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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