Booth and Isham Intersection Reconstruction

Project Description

Project Details, including: project name, number, status, engineer, contractor, start, completion, final amount, and project description
Number TR6271
Status Completed
Engineer City of Grants Pass
Contractor Moser Paving, Inc.
Construction Start
June 27, 2016
Completion Date
August 12, 2016
Final Contract Amount
Description This  Project Installed 538 Lineal Feet of 12” HDPE Storm Drain Pipe And  Appurtenances, 320 Lineal Feet of 8” Ductile Iron Water Pipe, 3 Service  Connections and Appurtenances, 955 Square Feet of Sidewalk and  Associated Curbing and Sidewalk Ramps and 144 Tons of ½” Level 2 Asphalt  Mix.

Project Documents