Public Works and You

The pages in this section are to provided the public with information regarding water in our community, suggestions on how individuals can help with water conservation, reducing accumulation in the sewer pipes, reporting issues with streets within the City, and reduce the cost of fixing hazardous sidewalks.


This Public Works Program gives citizens a chance to take charge of a chosen street and organize regular litter pickups to keep our community walkways clean and beautiful.
Adopt-A-Street - Link to page

Bulk Water

The City of Grants Pass offers a bulk water station.
Bulk Water - Link to page

Emergency Drinking Water

Check out the facts about our water trailer, which is capable of supplying safe drinking water to the Grants Pass residents in times of emergency.
Emergency Drinking Water - Link to page


Fats, Oils, and Grease poured down the kitchen sink or drain system congeals inside the sewer pipes and cause problems and requiring expensive repairs and sewer line cleaning.
FOG - Link to page

Hazardous Sidewalk Repair Program

Find out how you can lower the cost of replacing hazardous sidewalks on your property through the City’s Hazardous Sidewalk Repair Program
Hazardous Sidewalk Repair Program - Link to page

Low Use Water Gardening

You can conserve water by choosing plants that reduce the need for extra watering.
Low Use Water Gardening - Link to page

Reporting Street Problems

Give the Streets Division a heads up when you see a street maintenance problem, such as signs down, sidewalk or vision hazards, pavement markings, and potholes.
Reporting Street Problems - Link to page

Street Closures

Find out where local streets are closed due to construction or other issues.
Street Closures - Link to page

The Value of Water

What is the value of clean water? How does having clean water impact your life?
The Value of Water - Link to page

Water Conservation Tips

Learn how to conserve water both indoors and out, and find out how to detect leaks and read your water meter.
Water Conservation Tips - Link to page

Water Quality Reports

Read the annual Water Quality Report to learn about the current quality of the drinking water in Grants Pass, how it is treated, and how it is managed.
Water Quality Reports - Link to page