Allen Creek Road Improvements Project

Allen Creek Road Improvements Project

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Allen Creek Road between West Harbeck and Denton Trail is currently a two lane rural county road consisting of two travel lanes with narrow shoulders and no bicycle or pedestrian facilities. The roadways on either side of this section are already improved, so the current condition leaves a gap in the available facilities for safe transportation options. The roadway is currently barricaded at Denton Trail creating a large amount of out of direction travel in the area.


The purpose of this project is to upgrade this section of Allen Creek Road to city arterial standards to include two travel lanes and the addition of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Allen Creek/New Hope intersection improvements were eliminated from this project due to funding limitations. The City may still pursue improvements outside of this project, but would do so in a separate project, thereby avoiding the additional costs associated with federally funded projects.


The project is funded from a combination of local and federal sources. Please check ODOT’s webpage for information on other statewide STIPs.

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

Schedule of Timelines (Anticipated)

02/16/16 - Meeting with Property Owners
03/08/16 - Neighborhood Meeting
04/26/16 - Open House #1
08/16/16 - Open House #2
Fall 2016 - Final Concept Layout Presentation to City Council & County Commissioners
Early 2017 - Design Acceptance Plans (30%) Completed
Fall 2017 - ROW Acquisition Begins
Fall 2018 - Construction Contract Bid

City of Grants Pass Capital Construction Costs