Accounts Payable & City Vendor Information

The City of Grants Pass has partnered with FIS Integrated Payables to streamline the payment process by offering virtual credit cards and ACH payments to all the City’s vendors. Our goal is to simplify the payment process by making electronic payments to you. The benefits of accepting card payments or ACH payments through our program include:

  • Eliminates waiting for checks- An email is sent securely with credit card or ACH payment information
  • Improves controls- No lost or stolen checks
  • Minimizes payment delays- Prompt card and ACH settlements
  • Provides detailed remittance– Listing all invoices paid

Please see the following flyer for more information about the payment program:

If you need assistance in registering for credit card or ACH payments, please contact the FIS Integrated Payables Support Team at (866) 717-5008 or