Operating a Business

Building Plans Review

The City of Grants Pass Parks and Community Development Department has established a 3-track system for reviewing building plans to better serve customers and establish expectations for project plan review times.
Building Plans Review - Link to page

Business Inspections

Find details on business inspection services and download a self-inspection form.
Business Inspections - Link to page

Business & Occupation Tax Certificate

How to get a business license to do business in Grants Pass.
Business & Occupation Tax Certificate - Link to page

Comprehensive Fee Schedules

Check the City of Grants Pass fee schedules.
Comprehensive Fee Schedules - Link to page

Employee Downtown Parking Permits

Apply for long term parking permits in the downtown area.
Downtown Parking Permits - Link to page

Grants Pass Fire Community Connect

Apply for burn permits and protect yourself and your property by recording critical information for the first responders before you have an emergency.
Grants Pass Fire Community Connect - Link to external website

Inspection Request - E-Permitting

The Inspection Request process is being transitioned to E-Permitting. Follow the link below.
Inspection Request (E-Permitting) - Link to page

Lodging Tax

Lodging Tax registration form, rental periods, and lodging tax due dates for those who rent space for lodging or sleeping in hotels, motels, vacation rental homes, and campsites.
Lodging Tax - Link to page

Land Use Hearings Notices and Schedule

Find the Land use hearing schedule and notices.
Land Use Hearings Notices and Schedule - Link to page