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Welcome to our website and great community. Many times I have been asked, "What is a City Manager?" More than 73% of U.S. cities with a population of more than 2,500 have a professional manager. A City Manager is similar to a corporate structure, where the board of directors (City Council) determines the direction and oversees its chief executive officer (City Manager).

As the City Manager of Grants Pass, I am hired to work with the City Council on developing policies and programs; lead service delivery such as public safety, public works, administration, parks and community development; develop a proposed budget for consideration and ultimately receive Council approval; ensure laws and policies are enforced fairly throughout the community and that government runs ethically and transparently. We strive to include all community members and interests in the decision-making process. These things are all done through a partnership among Council, Staff, and the community.

We are here to assist you and welcome comments and advice that may help us to improve our services. Please feel free to call on us. Email City Recorder Karen Frerk with your comments.

Leadership Philosophy

Aaron K. Cubic, Grants Pass City Manager 

I strive to develop an environment where leadership is distributed throughout the organization; something I call "Foundational Leadership". You can lead from wherever you are in the organization when leadership is defined not as a position you hold but as a way of being. Those closest to a function often know best how to direct and improve it and decisions can and should be made by all people in the organization. The opportunity to lead is available to all who desire it.

I pride myself on communicating openly and honestly through a variety of methods and encourage internal and external feedback to inform organization members. I encourage a trusting and supportive environment that fosters innovative problem-solving initiatives from every aspect of the organization.

I believe our charge is larger than any single individual and needs a network of talented individuals working together to accomplish it; rewards are "win-win" based on cooperative performance in teams.

I believe in a good laugh. Maintaining a sense of humor and joy is a good foundation for a healthy and productive work environment. Humor, when used properly, can reduce stress and enhance leadership, group cohesiveness, communication, creativity, and organizational culture.

I believe doing a good job is a core value of employees. Employees take pride in contributing to the community and do so through their commitment to providing quality services.

I believe it is important to invest in the professional growth and development for all employees. Continued education and skills development helps maintain technical proficiency and helps the City operate efficiently and be prepared for the unexpected.

I support the opportunity for employees to dedicate time to long-range planning. Providing opportunities for long-range planning allows staff to explore and think through options to do things differently, to do things better. I believe it is important to get into the habit of stepping away so you can better diagnose the issues, make adjustments and implement them.

I believe and take pride in Grants Pass's tradition of partnering with the wider community. Our strength is in the teams we foster. Through the discovery of mutually beneficial co-operations, we increase our strengths to provide the best and most efficient services to citizens and businesses.

I proudly provide essential community services through strategic planning, engagement, and prioritization that are supported by City Council.

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