Executive Management Team

The organization is divided into 6 major departments:

The directors for these major responsibilities, along with the City Manager, City Recorder, and City Attorney, constitute the Executive Management team for the City.

The City Manager and this team meet routinely to coordinate the delivery of services and analyze issues for the City Council’s decision-making.

Aaron Cubic

City Manager
Email Aaron Cubic
Phone: 541-450-6000

Karen Frerk

City Recorder
Email Karen Frerk
Phone: 541-450-6010

J.C. Rowley

Finance Director
Email J.C. Rowley

Phone: 541-450-6025

Mandy Hayes

Human Resources Director
Email Mandy Hayes
Phone: 541-450-6050

Bradley Clark

Community Development Director
Email Bradley Clark
Phone: 541-450-6060

Jason Canady

Public Works Director
Email Jason Canady
Phone: 541-450-6118

Warren Hensman

Police Chief
Email Warren Hensman
Phone: 541-450-6260

Keith Larkin

Fire Chief
Email Keith Larkin
Phone: 541-450-6201

Augustus Ogu

City Attorney
Email Augustus Ogu
Phone: 541-450-6000