Educational Resources

Water is crucial to our existence and every-day lives. Learning about the importance of water, how water is treated, water distribution, conservation, and ecology is a great way for students of all ages to have a better understanding of these aspects, while also embracing essential study subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), as well as social studies, language arts, and even art and music.

The following hands-on activities, worksheets, and lesson guides were designed by educators and water quality professionals for by teachers, non-formal educators, and parents. The series covers some of today's most important water environment topics.

They are available here in downloadable pdf formats, courtesy of the American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation, and City of Grants Pass Public Works Department.

K-2 Resources:                                                                          Grades 1-6 Complete Lesson
Drink it Up                                                                                  Power Point Presentation
Happy the Fish                                                                           Lesson Plan
Spongy Wetlands                                                                       Participant Handout
Coloring Book                                                                            Quiz and Answers
Coloring Sheet
Maze Fun

Grades 3-5 Resources:                                                             Grades 9-12 Complete Lesson
Water Works                                                                              Power Point Presentation
Waste Not Want Not                                                                  Lesson Plan
Water Goes & Comes Around                                                   Participant Handout
Water Landscaping                                                                   Quiz and Answers

Grades 6-8 Resources:
Aquifer Recharge Areas
Indicating Insects
Water Meter Reader

Grades 9-12 Resources:
Biography of a River
Do You Drink It?
What's the Level?
Water Careers
From Ground To Water
Ground Water Basics
What Goes On Down Under?