2020 Water Main Flushing

Flushing the Water PipesDuring summer 2020, Water Distribution staff will perform unidirectional water flushing to clean out the water system pipes. 

The water system pipes go in many directions. Unidirectional flushing opens specific pipes to flush water through the pipes in a single direction.

What happens during the Unidirectional Flushing

  • The Water Distribution staff will open specific pipes to flush the water in one direction. This increases the speed and force of the water which helps scrub the pipes.
  • The water is tested during the flush until it meets the clear water (turbidity) standards.
  • The flushing for a neighborhood will take between 10 minutes and 4 plus hours. Some hydrants may get flushed twice, so staff may leave an area and come back later.

How the Flushing will Impact You


  • You will experience lowered water pressure.
  • Your water may be discolored. We recommend using bottled water or other liquids during the flushing. 
  • Avoid running tap water, or appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, automatic ice machines.
  • Avoid driving through the water being flushed if possible. If not, slow down for safety. Water can be deeper than it appears, It is not safe to hit it at speed for the driver or the employees doing the work.


  • Turn on cold water faucets and spigots until the water runs clear after the flushing is done. Do not use the hot water tap until the water is clear, to avoid drawing sediment into your hot water heater.
  • If you accidentally washed a load of laundry during the flushing, and the laundry is discolored, do not dry the load. Run the load again after the water is clear.

Notify Public Works 

Contact Rod Vinyard by phone at 541-450-6115 or email Rod if you: 

  • are water sensitive - (businesses, medical concerns, etc.) 
  • experience a water outage
  • you have any other problems or questions