Sustainability & Energy Action Taskforce


To seek input from the Citizens of Grants Pass and develop a Sustainability/Energy Action Plan to document and guide City policy as it relates to sustainable practices and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs). The Taskforce will look for opportunities to improve City operations, manage energy consumption and promote education within the community. The Taskforce will also explore opportunities to create a permanent standing committee to advise City Council on potential actions relating to climate change, sustainability, resiliency, enhanced sequestration, tree canopy development and reduction of GHGs.

Ideal membership would include: 

  • Local energy efficiency engineer, 
  • Solar professional, 
  • Contractor or developer, 
  • Grants Pass High School Student, 
  • Rogue Community College Student, 
  • Forestry experience
  • 4 persons at large with an interest in energy action efforts
  • 1 – ex-officio representative from Energy Trust of Oregon, plus two alternate representatives
  • 1 – ex-officio representative from Southern Oregon Climate Action Now


  • Karen Chase, Energy Trust of Oregon
  • Dorothy Swain, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now
  • Robert Allen, Local energy efficiency engineer
  • Tom Bradbeer, Vice Chair - Contractor/developer
  • Emily Berlant - Solar Professional
  • Clair Highfield - Forestry experience
  • Kayle Palmore - GPHS student
  • Catherine Vawter - RCC student
  • Amie Siedlecki, Member at Large
  • David Bartlett, Member at Large
  • Matthew Rosen, Member at Large
  • Jan O'Hara, Chair - Member at Large
  • Jason Canady, Staff Liaison
  • Vanessa Ogier, Council Liaison

Sustainability Energy Action Plan (SEAP)

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  1. Committee / Commission Application - fill out and submit online.

    Open Positions

    Apply for Parks Advisory Committee - Applications are being accepted for four positions.  Special qualification: Individuals with interest or experience representing athletic leagues, individuals knowledgeable in natural resource preservation, people involved with recurring park events, frequent park users, and individuals who use park family play friendly facilities. Members should live within the city limits.  Fill out and submit online by July 7, 2023