Parade Permit

Parade Permit applications go before the City Council for street closure approval.

Completed applications need to be submitted at least 30-60 days prior to the proposed parade date in order for the Council, which meets twice a month, to approve them prior to the event date.

Other jurisdictions may need to approve the parade plans as well, depending on the route. If the route goes over the railroad tracks, notify the Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad (CORP).

There are also associated fees. For example, the fee for a full street parade is $800.

To Apply

Include the following completed items:

  1. Parade Permit Application Form
    Attach a map of the parade route, cross streets, and streets where barricades are to be placed
  2. Special Events Application Form
  3. Permit approval from ODOT (or another jurisdiction, if applicable)
  4. Certificate of Liability Insurance(s)

Submit application(s), permit approval, liability insurance(s), and fees to City Administration.

Permit Forms

  1. Submit application(s), permit approval, liability insurance(s) and fees to:

    City Administration
    101 NW A Street
    Room 205
    Grants Pass, OR 97526
    Ph: 541-450-6000

    Parade Permit Application Form (PDF)
    Special Event Application Form (PDF)
    Street Closure Petitioner Form (PDF)
    Certificate of Liability Insurance(s) - Sample Form (PDF)

    See Also

    Municipal Code 6.18.020 Parades (PDF)