Spray Park at Riverside Park

Riverside Spray Park_20220914_3393The spray park is free to the public and will be open daily from 12 pm to 7 pm during the summer. Hours will change with the season and other factors.


Each Splash Pad has a control button that is pushed by the participants to make the sequencer run the features for three-minute intervals.

Water-conserving versions were selected for many of the features.

Smaller Kid’s Splash Pad

Highlights are:Riverside Spray Park_20220914_3415

  • Flower Shower
  • Ride & Spray Horse
  • Ride & Spray Zebra
  • Water Weave
  • Pop Dropps

Larger Splash Pad

The larger pad features: Riverside Spray Park_20220914_3386

  • 3 Bucket Fill N Spill
  • Mission Hill Showers
  • Water Fence
  • Water Arch
  • several varieties of ground sprayers.

The highlight of the larger pad is the Tidal Barrel, which has a "big splash" effect. The barrel fills up and then spills its contents around the base of the tank creating a circular sheet of water with a 16 ft. radius.

Spray Park Rules

The City of Grants Pass would like everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the spray park in a safe manner.

  • All persons using the Spray Park do so at their own risk.
    The City of Grants Pass is not liable for accidents, injuries, damages, or theft of property.
  • Children, 12 years of age and under, must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older – proof of age required), and must be supervised by that adult at all times.
  • Swim diapers or rubber pants are required for children who are not potty trained. Non-swim diapers are not permitted in the water area.
  • Only swim attire is permitted in the wet area.
  • No cutoffs/street clothes or street shoes are allowed in the water spray area.
  • Running, rough play, horseplay, use of balls, water guns, Frisbees or projectiles, and other undue disturbances are strictly prohibited.
  • Spray Pads (areas with water elements) are designed for recreation purposes and not for bathing. Please refrain from using soaps, detergents, and shampoos in the Spray Park.
  • Climbing or playing on pad water feature components or sitting on spray heads or drains is not permitted.
  • Wheeled vehicles, such as skateboards, skates, bikes, or scooters (etc.) are not permitted in the spray park area. Wheelchairs are permitted.
  • No animals, except for certified service animals, are permitted in the Spray Pad areas.
  • Radios, iPods, or other acoustical devices are only permitted when used with personal headsets.
  • No glass containers of any kind are permitted. No drinks or food of any kind is permitted in the Spray Pad areas.
  • No littering. Please use the receptacles provided.
  • Do not drink the Spray Pad water. Please use the water fountain.
  • Health Code states that any persons with open sores, known infection, inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharge, boils, or other acute or obvious skin or body infections, or cuts shall not use the spray pad.
  • The Spray Park will be closed during bad weather.
  • Camps/schools/organizations/groups will not be allowed entry due to space limitations.

Any violations of the above rules may be grounds for immediate ejection from the Spray Park area and possible citation by local authorities. Temporary or permanent suspension from the Spray Park may result.

*Operations may be interrupted for maintenance as needed.*


The park opened on August 27, 2019, slightly ahead of schedule, to allow kids to enjoy as the summer came to an end.


The City received a $40,000 grant from the Rotary Club’s Duck Derby that helped finance the project.

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