2021 Safe Routes to School (Phase 1)

Project Details

Project Details, including: project name, number, status, engineer, contractor, start, completion, final amount, and project description
Under Construction
City of Grants Pass
Timber Mountain Construction
Construction Start
June 21, 2023
Estimated Completion Date
October 20, 2023
Contract Amount
Description The Project Will Consist of The Installation of Approximately 1,292 LF Of 8” Water Pipe And Fittings, 31 Potable Water Service Connections, 2 Fire Hydrants, 11,912 SF of Sidewalks, 3,147 LF of Curb And Gutter, 4,327 SF of Sidewalk Ramps with Truncated Domes, 6,003 Concrete Residential Driveway Aprons, 1,106 SF of Concrete Driveways, 1,211 SF of Concrete Raised Crosswalks, 903 SF of Retaining Wall And Footings, 304 SF of Monolithic Retaining Walls, Removing and Reconstructing Stairs, Connecting 45 Existing Storm Drain Pipes Through Curbs, 2 48” Storm Drain Manholes, 492 LF 12” Storm Drain Pipe and Connecting 5 Existing Storm Drains to New Storm Drain. 

Project Documents