Lodging Tax

The lodging tax is collected by the City of Grants Pass. The tax is assessed on hotel or motel stays for a period of 27 days or less. Every operator renting space for lodging or sleeping purposes shall collect a tax from the individual renting the room, campsite, or suite. An operator for each hotel, motel, campsite, or vacation rental home in the City, shall register within 15 days after beginning business using the lodging tax registration form (PDF).

The rate of the tax is 12% of the taxable rents collected for each quarter and the operator of the establishment may withhold 5% of the tax collected to cover the cost of collecting and remitting the tax to the city. For reporting, you may use the lodging tax return (PDF).

Rental periods and Due Dates

  • 1st Quarter - January 1 through March 31, due April 30,
  • 2nd Quarter - April 1 through June 30, due July 31,
  • 3rd Quarter - July 1 through September 30, due October 31,
  • 4th Quarter - October 1 through December 31, due January 31.

Lodging tax funds are used to fund public safety, parks, tourism, economic development, and downtown area program activities.

Information regarding the Oregon State Lodging Tax can be found on the Oregon Department of Revenue website.