Downtown Parking

Public parking in the Downtown is provided in 4 public and 4 long term parking lots. The long term lots provide 90 reserved parking spaces for employees, employers, and residents of the Central Business District, as well as additional public parking. The reserved spaces require a permit. 

Public Parking

The following parking lots provide free parking for the public.

  • Grasshopper Parking Lot -  201 NW F Street - the corner of F and 4th Streets. This is the Grower's Market lot. 
  • Owl Parking Lot - 138 SW H Street - the corner of 5th and H Streets, between H and G streets
  • Osprey Parking Lot - 315 SW 5th Street - the corner of 5th and H Streets, between H and I streets, next to The Haul.
  • Beaver Parking Lot - 145 SE G Street - corner of 7th and G Street

Reserved Parking

Reserved parking permits are for employees, employers, and residents of the Central Business District. Public spaces are also available.

Reserved (Permit) Parking Lots

  • Duck Parking Lot  - 7th & G Street, across from Safeway
  • Salmon Parking Lot - 5th & I Street, next to Napa Auto Parts
  • Brown Bear Parking Lot - SE I Street, behind Iguana Comics
  • Redwood Parking Lot - 7th & I Street, behind Rogue Theater

Downtown Parking Lots

Go to the GIS Downtown Parking Lot interactive map to find the parking lots and types of available spaces.

City of Grants Pass Downtown Parking Interactive GIS Map

Permit Application Process

Experience Grants Pass handles the application process at the Downtown Welcome Center. You can get an application two ways:

Return applications to Experience Grants Pass at the Downtown Welcome Center.


If there are more applicants than spaces, the City uses a lottery system, as follows:

  1. A random number is assigned to each application.
  2. Numbers are drawn by the City Manager or other designated person and witnessed by a Finance Customer Service employee.
  3. Applicants are notified by phone or email. The applicant has two weeks to pick up the permit, otherwise another application is drawn.

Fees are due when the permits are picked up.

Comments and Feedback

Comments and feedback on the downtown parking program may be addressed to Parks & Community Development Director Lora Glover at 541-450-6060, or you may email the City Council.

Downtown Parking Permits

  1. Experience Grants Pass

    Email Experience Grants Pass
    Downtown Welcome Center
    198 SW 6th St.
    Grants Pass, OR



    9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Monday through Saturday