Neighborhood Watch Program

The Neighborhood Watch Program establishes an important communication between the Grants Pass Police Department and the citizens of Grants Pass. It consists of neighbors who watch for anything suspicious or anything that depreciates the appearance or safety of their community and then report such observations to the police department.

Sgt. Moore can assist in discussions during the meetings and go over the types of crime occurring in the neighborhood, how crimes can be reduced, how residents may assist in the suppression of crime, and the placement of Neighborhood Watch signs. Neighbors are encouraged to check out the department webpage for the latest information about crimes that may be occurring in their neighborhood. Home security and personal safety tips are also covered during these meetings.

Through Neighborhood Watch, the Police Department and the residents work together to reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer places to live. By forming and joining neighborhood watch groups, residents take a major step toward reclaiming high-crime neighborhoods, as well as making people throughout a community feel more secure and less fearful.

How to Form a Neighborhood Watch Group

The 5 easy steps to forming a Neighborhood Watch Group are:

  1. Recruit and organize as many neighbors as possible
  2. Contact the Grants Pass Police Department and schedule a meeting
  3. Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan
  4. Hold regular meetings and train
  5. Implement a phone tree and take action steps

Neighborhood Watch Information Packet (PDF)

If you are interested in becoming involved in this program, please call Sgt. Moore at 541-450-6220 or go to the national neighborhood watch institute website at

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