Firewise Communities / USA Program

Starlite Place Receives Firewise Communities /USA Recognition

Starlite Place has become the latest neighborhood in Grants Pass to achieve Firewise Communities / USA recognition from the National Fire Prevention Association. Starlite Place is especially vulnerable to wildfire because it's located on a steep ridge top surrounded by large tracts of vacant land.

Firewise Communities / USA

The Firewise Communities / USA program provides a flexible template for residents of neighborhoods and homeowners associations to improve their wildfire readiness and works as an organizing mechanism for initiating wildfire mitigation actions.

Firewise is a national program sponsored by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). Initiated at the grassroots level, the Firewise Communities / USA program empowers homeowners to help protect their neighborhoods.

During the Firewise Communities / USA community assessment process, a specialist from the Oregon Department of Forestry identifies wildfire risks to your neighborhood. The specialist then works with your community members to identify solutions that can be implemented to reduce your wildfire risk.

Benefits of Becoming a Firewise Community

  • Access to funding and assistance
  • Citizen pride
  • Community-building
  • Framework for action
  • Learn about wildfire
  • Peace of mind
  • Publicity

Learn how to live safely in the wildland / urban interface area. Let us show you the steps to becoming a Firewise Community. For help in getting started on the Firewise Communities / USA program, contact Firewise Coordinator Tyson Schultz at 541-450-6212.

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