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Public Works Staff Cleaning Sewer LinesThe process of collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater is one of the basic functions of our city. With primary focus on the safety of the public and the environment, this process

  • collects wastewater from customers,
  • conveys it to the city's Water Restoration Plant for treatment, and ultimately
  • discharges a treated effluent to the Rogue River.

Public Works Staff Using Robotic CameraSystem goals are to

  • protect the river,
  • assure a healthy and safe community environment, and
  • provide capacity for community growth and economic prosperity.

At the Water Restoration Plant, the wastewater of our community is treated to a level that is compatible with the Rogue River into which it discharges.

The Wastewater Program works within strict environmental standards established by the Federal Water Quality Act through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), with oversight by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The wastewater system includes the

  • treatment plant,
  • pumping stations,
  • collection system piping, and
  • support service systems.

The Wastewater program provides services to approximately 10,000 system accounts.


The mission of the Wastewater Program is to meet the area's current and future wastewater collection and treatment needs, protecting human health, welfare and the environment.

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