Overgrown Weeds & Fire Hazards

Overgrown weedsTo help minimize the risk of wildfire, the City of Grants Pass has an ordinance regarding properties with overgrown weeds and brush.

Municipal Code Title 5 - Nuisances and Offenses, sub-section 5.12.60 Weeds and Noxious Growth states:

"No owner or person in charge of any property may permit weeds or other noxious vegetation to grow upon their property. It is the duty of an owner or person in charge of property to cut down or to destroy noxious weeds or other vegetation from becoming unsightly, or from maturing or going to seed, or from becoming a fire hazard. Accumulated waste vegetation shall be disposed of in a manner so as not to create a fire hazard or spread vegetation to other properties."

Property owners or the person in charge can receive a citation with a fine of $295 to a maximum of $500 if they do not take care of their property.

Questions and Complaints

To register a complaint, or if you have questions regarding an overgrown lot: