Message From the Mayor

We could not have the great community we enjoy without the active participation from our volunteers. Volunteers are essential to the success of the City of Grants Pass and we count on them to help guide our City. We have always been sustained and strengthened by the willingness of our residents to work for the common good and plan for the future. The hours and input our volunteers have given are greatly appreciated.

I wish to recognize our volunteers and honor the service they have provided to our community, by hosting the 6th Annual Mayor’s Volunteer dinner September 10, 2020. I will be acknowledging the selfless commitment and efforts of those who volunteer on City committees, commissions, boards and task forces. I will also be presenting a Volunteer of the Year Award and Volunteer Group of the Year Award.

6th Annual Awards - 2020

I am excited about the 6th Annual Mayor’s Volunteer dinner and the associated recognition of exceptional community spirit.

Please help me to spread the word. Nomination forms are linked on this page. Or you can contact the City Recorder at 541-450-6010.

The deadline for nominations is August 3, 2020 at 3 pm.

Thank you,

Mayor Roy Lindsay

Roy Lindsay