Water Distribution Master Plan

The purpose of the Water Distribution System Master Plan is to provide the City of Grants Pass with the information needed to inform long-term water distribution infrastructure decisions.

Master plans are critical to the success of our public utilities. Master plans are the blue-print to future infrastructure expansion and the instruction manual on how to fix current deficiencies that face the City. Staff and consultants also spend considerable time examining current and projected system demand.

The objectives of this Water Distribution System Master Plan is to document existing water system facilities, estimate future water requirements including potential water system expansion areas

consistent with related City planning efforts and identify deficiencies and recommend water facility improvements that correct deficiencies, optimize existing pressure zones and provide for system growth. Other objectives include updating the City’s capital improvement program and to comply with water system master planning requirements for Public Water Systems established under Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

This Water Distribution System Master Plan was created April 2016.