Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT)

SWAT Logo - police - 2022

Established in 1996, this team of highly skilled Police and Fire department personnel utilizes Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) to resolve "extremely high-risk incidents" that are beyond the scope of operations.

The SWAT Team has an authorized strength of 1 Team Commander (Deputy Chief), one Team Leader (Sergeant), 12 Operators (Police), 1 Tactical Medic (Firefighter / Medic), and two Scribe-Recorders (Tactical Dispatchers). The SWAT Team works in close conjunction with the department's negotiations team (CNT) to peacefully resolve incidents.

The team responds to emergency situations when needed. The decision to activate the team rests with the Chief, but shift supervisors can activate the team based on specific criteria.

Primary Goals

  • Save lives!
  • Diminish the likelihood of someone being injured or killed, and diminish additional shots being fired
  • Substantially reduce or altogether eliminate the risk of injury to all involved
  • Achieve a peaceful resolution to the situation
  • Properly employ time, tools, and tactics to our advantage


  • SWAT team members receive training in specialized weapons, tactics, and munitions.
  • Team members attend monthly trainings aside from normal patrol or fire-rescue training.
  • Team members also attend outside training such as the annual National Tactical Officer's Association (NTOA) conference and hosting special tactics training.