Initiating Service

Application for Service

To apply for utility services utilizing our online portal please click the link and complete the application:

You may also apply for water and/or sewer service by calling the Customer Service office at 541-450-6035. The Customer Service representative will create an account for you.

Please be prepared to provide name, current phone number, driver's license or state identification number, last 4 of your social security number, date of birth and previous address for all individuals who will be on the account. If a member of the household is not on the account they will not be able to access information regarding the account.

An applicant with less than one-year prior utility service with the City of Grants Pass will be charged the minimum deposit associated with their account type. In lieu of a deposit, the customer can provide a letter of credit from a previous utility showing a minimum of one-year of good credit history. Deposits are as follows:

  1. Single Family Residential minimum deposit $100.00.
  2. Multi-Family Residential minimum deposit $75.00 per dwelling unit.
  3. Commercial minimum deposit 1/6th of annual billing for associated property.

Once the account is active, you will receive a welcome letter in the mail. If you are a renting tenant the property owner or owner's agent will receive notification that you have established an account.

Turning On Your Water

Customers do not have to be home when the water is turned on, but they should turn off all water faucets and valves before leaving. A 24-hour advance notice for connection is appreciated.

There is no charge to have the water turned on during field operating hours (8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday). After 4 p.m. and during weekends and holidays, a turn-on costs $100.00.

Wastewater Only Service

If you have acquired a property that has sewer-only service with the City of Grants Pass, please contact the Customer Service Department to have the billing transferred to your name. The City may confirm ownership through the title company or the Josephine County Tax Assessor. Wastewater only accounts must remain in the property owner's name per the municipal code, a renting tenant will not be allowed to set up service at a property that only receives wastewater services from the City of Grants Pass. If you wish for your tenant to pay for a wastewater only service you may request a copy of the bill be sent to the tenant. In that instance, both the property owner and the tenant will receive the billing. Should a wastewater only balance remain unpaid it may be placed on the Josephine County tax rolls for collection.

Special Programs

The City of Grants Pass offers the following special programs for its customer with water utility services:

Budget Billing

The Budget Billing program is the process of billing a customer account an average amount each billing period in order to evenly spread the billing amount throughout the year. To qualify for this program, the customer must have a least one year of usage history at the property and their account must be paid in full prior to starting the program.

Automatic Leave On

Automatic Leave On (ALO) is a program designed for property owners with renting tenants where the owner or owner's agent wishes to keep services active by automatically having a service address go back in their name when a tenant closes their account. To qualify for this program, a form must be filled out and submitted to the Customer Service Office. To cancel this service, the owner or owner's agent needs to provide us with written notification.

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