Reimbursement Districts

In 1979, the City of Grants Pass first adopted an Advance Financed District (AFD) Ordinance. (Ordinance 4311, 1979; Ordinance 4501, 1984).

On April 2, 2008, the City Council adopted Ordinance 5439, amending Chapter 9.40 on the Municipal Code and changing the name of Advance Financed Districts to Reimbursement Districts.

An Advance Financing Agreement is a contingent liability on property within a district formed by the city to permit the installer of public improvements to recover some portion of the installation cost for public improvements that are constructed adjacent to intervening properties.

District Fees

Reimbursement District Layer SelectionReimbursement District Fees are paid by the property owner at the time the property benefits from the improvement, typically at the connection to the sewer, water, or storm drain system, or when seeking an expansion of 50% or more of the size of an existing development, or obtaining a new development permit. The amount of reimbursement to the installer is based upon a prorated share of the cost of the improvements divided by the frontage and total acreage of properties in the Reimbursement District.

Annual simple interest from the date of adoption of the specific AFD Ordinance is calculated and imposed at the time fees are paid. Reimbursements are delivered to the developer for a period of fifteen years after the execution of the Advance Financing Agreement. If the District was formed by the city (public), then reimbursements are collected in perpetuity.

Grants Pass Map Viewer

Use our interactive Map Viewer to search addresses and identify Reimbursement Districts (select the Reimbursement District layer, navigation path shown below).

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Please contact Community Development at 541-450-6060 to verify what fees may be required.