Sign Standards & Sign Permit Requirements

Chapter 9.21: Sign Standards was added to Title 9 (Land Development and Public Improvements) of the Municipal Code by Ordinance 4952 in February 1998. It was last amended by Ordinance 5545 on September 21, 2011.

The purpose of the sign standards is to help improve the ability of business owners to identify their businesses to the community to enhance the furtherance of commerce.

The city’s role is to enforce regulations of the sign code that deal with public safety, including encroachment on the right-of-way, obstruction of vision, obstruction of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and dangerous or un-maintained signs.

Sign Permit

A permit may or may not be required for a sign. Review Chapter 9.21: Sign Standards to determine if you need to apply for a permit.

If a permit is required, download and print the Sign Permit Application form (PDF). Submit the form with the required site plan drawings and documents, and the review fee of $121.92, to the Community Development office.

When your permit is approved and ready to pick up an additional $2.59 per square foot charge will be due.

Submitted Drawings

The following drawings must be submitted with the sign permit application:

  • 2 copies of scaled, hard-line drawings showing the proposed sign on the building. Include dimensions of the proposed sign and of the building frontage
  • Provide a plot plan if the sign is freestanding to show that the sign meets the setback requirements for the zone it is in, and that it is not located within the vision clearance area
  • For freestanding signs more than 10 feet in overall height, attach 2 copies of scaled, hard-line drawings of the foundation; engineering and wind load calculations may be required
  • If the sign is electrical, an electrical inspection will be required and will be included on your permit; please show the electrical connection on your plan

Your application will be reviewed within 5 working days. A permit will be issued after the sign(s) have been approved for installation. You are responsible for calling the Building Division for all inspections including the final inspection at 541-450-6060.

A-Frame / Sandwich Board Signs

Sign Standards regarding freestanding A-frame or sandwich board signs in the Central Business District and other Commercial zones.

To apply for a permit for an A-frame / sandwich board sign, download: