"Forging Fire Service Excellence" is the motto of the Grants Pass Fire Rescue (GPFR) Training Division. Over 100 firefighters die nationwide each year in job related incidents and countless others are injured. Our firefighters work hard and train hard to avoid being one of these statistics. Our goal is to provide at a minimum 240 hours per year of high quality on-duty training to our firefighters. Topics covered include:

  • Building construction
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Fire Prevention
  • Firefighter safety and survival
  • Incident command
  • Public education
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Technical rescue
  • Wildland firefighting

Technical Rescue 1 2017

Additionally, our firefighters seek outside training through various fire service associations, the National Fire Academy, degree and specialized certification programs from accredited colleges and universities.

Training Qualifications

Firefighters must train in a wide variety of disciplines in order to be prepared for emergencies. Our firefighters meet the requirements of the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training by training to National Fire Protection Association Standards in the levels of Firefighter, Fire Officer, Fire Ground Leader, Apparatus Operator, and Wildland Firefighter. In addition, our firefighters maintain as a minimum Oregon Emergency Medical Technician Certification through the Oregon Department of Human Resources.

Rogue Interagency Training Association

Grants Pass Fire Rescue is a member of the Rogue Interagency Training Association. RITA is an association of many of the Fire Departments and Fire Districts around the Rogue Valley that pool their resources to help with larger trainings and classes for the region.

Many of our firefighters have earned an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Rogue Community College or other accredited institutions. Higher education is encouraged and incentives are provided to those firefighters that wish continue to pursue their education.

If you visit our drill ground you will see numerous specialized training props built by the firefighters. Many of these props were developed as a result of a tragic firefighter death. These props help ensure our firefighters are ready to deal with the many situations they find themselves facing when fighting a fire or conducting search and rescue operations.

Training Help

Grants Pass Fire Rescue is always looking for structures in which we can train. This training involves both destructive and non-destructive activities. If you own a structure that is going to be renovated or demolished, and you would like to loan its use for firefighter training, please call at 541-450-6200 and ask to speak with Battalion Chief Tim De Lisle, Training Officer.