Mission, Purpose & Values Statement

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety mission, purpose and core values support the overall Grants Pass City Council goal of:

  • Living in Grants Pass Feels Safe and is Safe.

Mission Statement

Keeping Grants Pass Safe reflects Grants Pass Department of Public Safety commitment to provide a safe environment for our community through delivery of professional police, fire, and public safety support services.

Organizational Purpose

We strive to provide high quality, courteous, caring, cost effective, innovative and responsive customer service to the residents and visitors of the City of Grants Pass.

We strive to provide a highly trained, properly equipped, well managed and unified work force by providing a rewarding, positive and healthy environment for the long term success of all employees.

We are committed to responding to our community's needs, expectations and desires by listening and involving members of the community in the services provided through the use of volunteers, citizen action efforts and opportunities for public comment.

Organizational Core Values

  • Integrity: To be morally sound, honest, and free from corruption – We Do the Right Thing!
  • Professionalism: To conduct and carry ourselves responsibly as respected public servants – We Pursue Excellence!
  • Teamwork: To achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency – We Work Together!
  • Service: To serve as guardians of our community's health and safety –We Earn the Right to Serve!
  • Leadership: To set the standard on and off duty – We Lead By Example!

Strategic Plan

The City of Grants Pass is growing rapidly. While this accelerated growth is good in many ways, it also brings challenges to the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety (GPDPS) as it endeavors to protect residents and visitors alike. Public safety agencies often fall victim to being reactionary when problems arise instead of striving for methods to prevent them in the first place.

To address the many livability and crime issues that occur, it is more prudent to look forward, project the future needs of the community, and begin planning now to meet those future needs. With this in mind, GPDPS hired Matrix Consulting Group to complete a Public Safety Strategic Plan (PDF).

Plan Purpose

The purpose of a strategic plan is to assist GPDPS (Police, Fire, Dispatch) in establishing priorities so they may better serve the needs of the community today and in the future. A strategic plan reflects the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and wants of the community and molds them along with the department's purpose and mission into an integrated document. A strategic plan is a guide used to effectively plan for the future.

The Matrix Consulting Group spent a large amount of time collecting data from this community and GPDPS. They conducted in-depth interviews with employees and management, as well as residents of the community, including insurance agents, large and small business owners, local lodging (hotel / motel) businesses, restaurants / food service businesses, real estate agents, the Chamber of Commerce, downtown merchants, local news media and citizens.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety's strategic plan was completed in May 2007. This comprehensive document compares GPDPS to other agencies and makes numerous recommendations which, the Consulting Group believes could help GPDPS function more efficiently now and in the future.

Some of the recommendations will be easy to implement and will be applied very soon. Other recommendations will take much longer to employ and a few suggestions may never be implemented; however, it is important to note that this document will be used over the next half decade for important decisions affecting those who live, work and visit the City of Grants Pass.