Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers (CSOs) provide an array of services to the community and are a strong component of the Grants Pass Police Department.  There are currently 5 full-time Community Service Officers supporting the police mission.    

Calls for Service

CSOs are responsible for many of the day-to-day calls for service. Those calls include, but are not limited to:

  • Animal problems
  • General assistance to the public
  • Graffiti reports and abatement
  • Littering offenses
  • Lost and found property (PDF)
  • "No-suspect" criminal offenses
  • Parking complaints

Wheel lock


Community Service Officers (CSO) assist and support police officers, detectives, and administrative staff in a variety of ways.  CSOs are called to secure crime scenes and search warrant locations, assist with traffic and crowd control during large events or incidents, manage essential procurement needs within the department, support fleet maintenance, and enforce municipal code violations withing the city limits of Grants Pass.   


The ideal Community Service Officer must have a servant leader mindset and possess a strong desire to support the community.  The Grants Pass Police Department believes in providing excellent customer service and expect CSO's to effectively communicate with people in a way that promotes positive results for both the department and the community alike. Although no formal training is required, we will set high expectations and provide the training to be a successful team member.  

If you would like to know more about the Community Service Officer program, please call the Grants Pass Police Department at 541-450-6260.