Chapter VIII - Ordinances

Section 1. Enacting Clause.

The enacting clause of all ordinances hereinafter enacted shall be: "The City of Grants Pass hereby ordains:"

Section 2. Enactment Procedure.

  1. Except as the second and third paragraphs of this section provide to the contrary, every ordinance of the Council shall, before being put upon its final passage, be read fully and distinctly in open Council meetings on two (2) different days.
  2. Except as the third paragraph of this section provides to the contrary, an ordinance may be enacted at a single meeting of the Council by unanimous vote of all Council Members present, upon being read first in full and then by title.
  3. Any of the readings may be by title only if no Council Member present at the meetings requests to have the ordinance read in full, or if a copy of the ordinance is provided for each Council Member and three (3) copies are provided for public inspection in the office of the City Recorder not later than one week before the first reading of the ordinance and if notice of their availability is given forthwith upon the filing, by written notice posted at the City Hall and two other public places in the City or by advertisement in a newspaper of general circulation in the City. An ordinance enacted after being read by title alone may have no legal effect if it differs substantially from its terms as it was thus filed prior to such reading, unless each section incorporating such a difference is read fully and distinctly in open Council meetings as finally amended prior to being approved by the Council. (Amended by voters May 21, 2013, Measure 17-50)

Section 3. Existing Ordinances Continued.

All ordinances of the City in force and effect when this Charter takes effect shall remain in effect until amended or repealed.