Chapter IX - Public Improvements

Section 1. Improvements.

The procedure for making, altering, vacating or abandoning a public improvement shall be governed by general ordinance, or to the extent not so governed, by the applicable general laws of the State.

Section 2. Remonstrance.

If a written remonstrance be filed with the City Recorder prior to the first public hearing on public improvements for improvement of a street, installing curb, gutter, sidewalk and other assessment projects, other than installation of water or sanitary sewer, and such written remonstrance shall be filed by the owners of two-thirds of the property abutting on said street or alley to be so improved or repaired, computed on a lineal foot basis, no improvement shall be made but such project may be considered again by the Council not less than six (6) months after the filing of a remonstrance. The Council shall have authority to install water or sanitary sewer improvements over 100% objections. In this section, "owner" shall mean the record holder of the legal title or, where land is being purchased under a land sale contract, recorded, the purchaser shall be deemed the "owner". (Amended by voters May 21, 2013, Measure 17-50)