Committees & Commissions

The City of Grants Pass City Council welcomes and encourages citizen participation in municipal government through service on City boards, commissions and committees. Below is a list of current boards, commissions, and committees. As openings occur, the City will advertise in the local newspaper and City website.

Bikeways / Walkways Committee

The purpose of this committee is to implement the non-motorized chapter of the Master Transportation Plan, seek input from the community, coordinate and disseminate information for public education about biking and walking routes and rules, and serve as a resource and advisory group regarding bike and pedestrian trails for the city and the county.
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Budget Committee

The purpose of the Budget Committee is to receive and review the recommended budget and approve a budget for council’s consideration.
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Collaborative Economic Development Committee

The purpose of the Economic Development Committee is to implement the joint City of Grants Pass and Josephine County Economic Development Strategic Plan.
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Committee on Public Art (CoPA)

The Committee on Public Art evaluates legislation, structures, financing devices and public policy pertaining to the Arts in Grants Pass.
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Parks Advisory Committee

The mission of the Grants Pass Parks Advisory Board is to provide, preserve and promote parks, trails and recreation services to benefit the Grants Pass community.
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Historical Buildings and Sites Commission

The Historical Buildings and Sites Commission has the authority to issue land use decisions regarding alteration of structures, new construction and demolition within all locally designated historic districts, sites, and landmarks within the Urban Growth Boundary, which were designated by the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation on October 1, 1981.
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Housing Advisory Committee

The Housing Advisory Committee explores opportunities to facilitate provision of housing for all income levels, and it makes recommendations to the City Council.
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Performance Audit, Visioning & Enhancement

The Performance Audit, Visioning and Enhancement (PAVE) Committee of the City of Grants Pass is established for the purpose of promoting excellence in the City of Grants Pass by providing oversight and recommendations for Internal and External Audits and Program Assessments with accompanying plans for improvement.
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Solid Waste Agency

The Solid Waste Agency was created to allow Josephine County, Grants Pass, and Cave Junction to share responsibilities for Solid Waste Management.
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Sustainability & Energy Action Taskforce

To seek input from the Citizens of Grants Pass and develop a Sustainability/Energy Action Plan to document and guide City policy as it relates to sustainable practices and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs). The Taskforce will look for opportunities to improve City operations, manage energy consumption and promote education within the community. The Taskforce will also explore opportunities to create a permanent standing committee to advise City Council on potential actions relating to climate change, sustainability, resiliency, enhanced sequestration, tree canopy development and reduction of GHGs.                                                      
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Tourism Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Tourism Advisory Committee is to recommend a provider for tourism promotion services in the community to review the strategy for the implementation of the tourism program and to report its findings and recommendations to Council on a quarterly basis, to coordinate the efforts of local tourism providers and others for program events, and to identify and stage special events, promotions, and other tourism-related activities.
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Urban Area Planning Commission

The Grants Pass Urban Area Planning Commission (UAPC) is the advisory agency to the City Council for land use procedures as set forth in Article 7.045 of the City of Grants Pass Development Code.
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Urban Tree Advisory Committee

The Grants Pass Urban Tree Advisory Committee was established on March 2, 1988, to review, develop and implement programs and activities which promote, protect and enhance the urban forest as a part of the Tree City USA program.
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Applying for Committees

This application is used by the City of Grants Pass to fill vacancies on the City Council, task force, boards, commissions, and committees.
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Committee Application

  1. Committee / Commission Application - fill out and submit online.

    Open Positions

    Apply for Parks Advisory Committee - Applications are being accepted for four positions.  Special qualification: Individuals with interest or experience representing athletic leagues, individuals knowledgeable in natural resource preservation, people involved with recurring park events, frequent park users, and individuals who use park family play friendly facilities. Members should live within the city limits.  Fill out and submit online by July 7, 2023