NW Starlite Place Pressure Reducing Valve Vault

Project Details

Project Details, including: project name, number, status, engineer, contractor, start, completion, final amount, and project description
Number WA4526
Status Completed
Engineer Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.
Contractor Stephen Stark Excavation, LLC
Construction Start
June 16, 2014
Completion Date
July 14, 2014
Contract Amount
Description This Work Consisted of Furnishing Labor and Materials for the Installation of a New Pressure Reducing Valve Vault in an Existing Residential Roadway. Work Elements included Traffic Control, Curb Replacement, Roadway Resurfacing, Water Line Connections, Concrete Vault Installation, Vault Drain Installation, and Necessary Check, Isolation, and Pressure Reducing Valves.

Project Documents

Pressure Reducing Valve Vault