D & E & Dimmick 16" Water Main Abandonment

Project Details

Project Details, including: project name, number, status, engineer, contractor, start, completion, final amount, and project description
Number WA6167
Status Completed
Engineer City of Grants Pass
Contractor Pair-A-Dice Contracting, LLC
Construction Start
February 1, 2013
Final Completion Date
April 19, 2013
Final Contract Amount
Description This Project Consisted of the Installation of Approximately 520 Lineal Feet of 8" Ductile Iron Water Pipe, 160 Lineal Feet of 6" Ductile Iron Water Pipe and Associated Appurtenances. Relocations and/or Reconnections of Existing Private Water Services to the New Mains were Included in this Project.

Project Documents

Water Main Abandonment

D & E & Dimmick 16" Water Main Abandonment

Water Main Abandonment Completed

D & E & Dimmick