Audit Committee Performance Audit Results

Audit Committee (2010 - 2014)

The City's former Audit Committee was created to oversee rotating performance audits of different City operating divisions to help ensure divisions are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Committee was an advisory committee to the City Council and helped oversee performance audits from the creation of the project scope all the way through the final reports and follow up after final project reports.

Performance, Audit, Visioning & Enhancement (PAVE) Committee (2014 - present)

Starting in 2014, the Performance, Audit, Visioning & Enhancement (PAVE) Committee took over the oversight of future performance audit related projects.

Follow up on past audit recommendations is happening through the City's annual strategic planning process in the creation of the work plan for the following year and through ongoing work by the responsible department directors for each area.

Audit Committee Projects and Reports