Guidelines for the Acceptance of Public Art

Committee of Public Art SculptureModes of Acquisition

The Committee on Public Art (CoPA) uses a wide array of methods to secure public art for Grants Pass - depending upon the particular needs of the project. These include:

  • Open Call - An announcement is made soliciting art from the public.
  • Roster - Art is solicited from a roster of artists with specialized skills.
  • Limited Invitational - Invitations are sent to a limited number of artists.
  • Invitational - Invitations are sent to all known artists.
  • Donations - Appropriate art pieces are given to the City of Grants Pass.
  • Commission or Direct Purchase - In cases where funds are available for specific art projects/pieces, the Committee may pay for a project or purchase a piece that already exists for the public.

Permanent or Temporary

The CoPA determines the length of time any public art will be displayed when the work is selected or commissioned.


All selected public art is cataloged and documented. The records are maintained under the guidance of the CoPA. A presentation of the public art of Grants Pass will be made to the City Council and public annually.

Selection Criteria

Public art is selected on the basis of many factors. Number 1 factor will determine the final decision, but the following factors will always be assessed by the CoPA in making its selections:

  • Artistic merit: Concept, design, craftsmanship
  • Context: Architectural, historic, geographic, cultural
  • Design: Considers and will improve the space that it will occupy
  • Educational potential: Capacity to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of art
  • Maintainability: Structural and surface soundness, durability and resistance to weathering, excessive maintenance/repair costs
  • Diversity: Artworks from artists of diverse cultural, geographic, racial and gender; of varied scale and media; exploratory and well-established art forms
  • Public Safety: Meets appropriate city codes and regulations and has been designed and engineered by the artist in such a way that it will not create injuries while on display; the safety of the proposed design is the responsibility of the artist and not the CoPA or the City of Grants Pass
  • Accessibility: No fees or other limits prohibit the public from enjoying the artwork
  • Feasibility: The artist's ability to complete the work on time as conceived using the planned materials and within the approved budget
  • Originality: Edition of 1 or part of a limited collection
  • Artist's proven ability to collaborate with design professionals (on design team opportunities)
  • Artist's willingness to collaborate with other city endorsed committees in completing the project

Art selected by the CoPA cannot be designed to serve as advertising for an organization or commercial enterprise. This does not preclude appropriate plaques or signs placed in proximity to the art piece recognizing the donor, artist or organization(s) involved in creating or supporting the project.


The CoPA seeks funds from as many sources as possible and is constantly seeking new and creative ways to develop financial support for the artistic community in Grants Pass.

Some of the current avenues that are being explored include:

  • Business contributions
  • City funds
  • Contributions of a portion of the value of the sale of city land
  • Foundation grants
  • Hotel/hospitality (Lodging) tax
  • Individual contributions and endowments
  • Land/building improvement tax (when improvements exceed $50,000)
  • Large-scale event/festival tax
  • Real estate transaction fee
  • Trusts

Annual Guidelines Review

The CoPA recognizes that no guidelines can anticipate all potential issues. Committee reserves the right to amend these guidelines to maintain a clear intention with regard to the City's involvement in public art.

Guidelines and complete application (PDF)