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Alcohol Permit

Alcohol permits are required for public events on public grounds.
Alcohol Permit - Link to page

Block Party Permit

Find out more about what you need to get a permit for your block party.
Block Party Permit - Link to page

Burn Permits

Apply for burn permits. Applications accepted in the spring and fall prior to the burn windows.
Burn Windows - Link to page

Business & Occupation Tax Certificate

To do business in Grants Pass, you must apply for a Business and Occupation Tax Certificate.
Business & Occupation Tax Certificate - Link to page

Business Funding & Incentive Programs

If you are doing business in Grants Pass, you may qualify for funding.
Business Funding & Incentive Programs - Link to page

Committee or Board Position

Get information on applying for a position on a task force, board, commission, committee or the City Council.
Committee or Board Position - Link to page

Employee Downtown Parking Permit

Apply for long term parking permits in the downtown area.
Downtown Parking Permit - Link to page


Check the current job openings.
Jobs - Link to page

Marriage License / Domestic Partnership

Go to the Josephine County Clerk’s Office website to apply or get more information.
Marriage License / Domestic Partnership - Link to page

Parade Permit

Get more information on applying for a Parade Permit.
Parade Permit - Link to page

Passports (Josephine County)

Apply for a passport at the Josephine County Clerk’s office.
Passports - Josephine County - link to website

Permits Online

Submit and manage permits, plans, inspection requests, and invoices online.
Permits Online - Link to page

Vendor License

Vendors must be licensed by the City of Grants Pass.
Vendor License - Link to page

Placement of Public Art

Find out more about how public art is acquired for the City of Grants Pass.
Placement of Public Art - Link to page

Special Events Permits

Check to see if you need to get permits for your event.
Special Events Permits - Link to page

Taxicab License

You need a taxicab license to operate a taxi or limousine in the City of Grants Pass.
Taxicab License - Link to page

Tree Permits

To remove, prune, or plant a tree in a city right-of-way, sidewalk, or planter strip area, you need a permit.
Tree Permits - Link to page