Abandoned Auto

Report cars parked on the street which do not work, or have not moved in a long time.
Abandoned Auto - Link to page

City Park Problems

Report problems or make comments about City Parks to the Parks Division.
City Park Problems - Link to page

Identity Theft

Follow the steps to report identity theft.
Identity Theft - Link to page

Missing Person / Runaway

Download the Missing Person or Runaway report to fill out and return to Public Safety.
Missing Person / Runaway - Link to page

Theft, Damage to Property or Vehicles

Report theft, lost property, vehicle break-ins, and damage to vehicle when driver left scene without leaving contact information.
Public Safety Online Reporting - Link to Form

Street Maintenance Problems

Is a sign down? Is there a pot hole? Sidewalk problems? Report street maintenance problems to the Streets Department.
Street Maintenance Problems - Link to page

Violation of City Ordinances

Report city ordinance violations online.
Violation of City Ordinances - Link to page