Redwood Avenue Street Improvements - Phase 2

Project Description

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ZCS Engineering
Copland Paving, Inc
Construction Start
March 30, 2015
Completion Date
November 16, 2015
Final Contract Amount
This Project Included the Following: Profile Grinding of Existing Asphalt Pavement, Installation of Approximately 8,380 Lineal Feet of Varying Sizes of Storm Drain Pipe, Installation of Approximately 320 Lineal Feet of Varying Sizes of Irrigation Pipe, Installation of 4 Water Line Crankshafts and Appurtenances, Installation of Approximately 9,100 Lineal Feet of Curb and Gutter, Installation of Approximately 55,500 Square Feet of Sidewalk and Driveway Approaches and Associated Sidewalk Ramps, Rebuilding Sections of the Road Base and Installing Approximately 6,200 Tons of New Asphalt Road Surface. Also Included were Landscaping, Striping, Miscellaneous Fencing, Irrigation Relocation, and Retaining Wall Installation.

Project Documents