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Preparing for and defending life and property from wildfires requires the efforts of all of us. Fire is everyone's fight and everyone must know their role in a Fire Adapted Community. Recognize that you, as a homeowner or property owner, are responsible for reducing your home's vulnerability to wildfire. The more you know about wildfire behavior, the more you'll understand how to protect your home and property. This is where Firewise techniques and the Firewise Communities program come in.

Why Firewise?

It's the little things that count. Did you know that the majority of homes lost to wildfires are the result of embers from a wildfire and not the fire itself?

  • Wildfires can put dozens of homes at risk simultaneously.
  • Firefighters may not have the resources to protect each home.
  • Residents can take action to increase their homes' chances of surviving a wildfire.
  • With adequate planning and cooperation among varying interests, wildfires can occur without disastrous loss of life, property, and resources.
  • It's not a question of if, but when the next wildfire will happen.

At Risk Areas

Although wildfire activity can occur anywhere in Grants Pass, certain areas have a higher risk for wildfire activities and wildfire embers due to their topography and adjacency to forested areas. Go to the At Risk Areas page to see a map of areas at risk.

Protecting Your Home

There are many things that can be done to protect your home and property from wildfires and the embers they produce that require little or no expense and result in a more attractive and fire-resistant landscape. Check out the Protecting Your Home page for details, or contact Joe Hyatt, Fire Marshal, for a free no obligation consultation of your property. 

Test Your Wildfire Safety Knowledge

Take the Firewise Quiz to see how much you know about wildfire safety. If you score 80 or less, go to the Protecting Your Home page to brush up on wildfire safety practices.

Firewise Communities USA Recognition Program

Firewise Communities are neighborhoods that work together as a group to promote participation in the use of technology, policies, and practices that minimize the loss of life and property to wildfire, independent of firefighting efforts.

There are over 1100 Firewise Communities in 41 states. This program encourages and acknowledges citizen action to reduce community wildfire risk. Communities that partake in the program ensure a continuing commitment to maintaining a reduced level of wildfire risk. What does it take to qualify for Firewise Communities / USA status? It's easier than you think. Come join the group of Grants Pass Firewise Communities / USA neighborhoods.

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Fire Safety at Home

  1. Many outside fires in Oregon are caused by improper debris burning or sparks from power equipment use. 

    Read the Yard Debris Removal & Equipment Use - Fire Safety brochure for tips on how to safely dispose of your yard debris.

  2. Recreational Fires

    Recreational fires (for cooking or recreational purposes only) are allowed in the City of Grants Pass provided the rules and regulations on the linked pamphlet are followed.

    Recreational Fire Guidelines