Water Emergency Response Trailer (WERT)

The City of Grants Pass has taken a giant step forward in an effort to be ready to provide service to our residents in the event of a wide-spread emergency. The City has designed and purchased a trailer that is self-sufficient and able to provide modest amounts of drinking water to the residents in the event that the treatment plant is unable to produce clean, safe drinking water.

Designated the WERT (Water Emergency Response Trailer), it will allow the City to provide approximately 45,000 gallons of water a day. This is enough to provide at least one gallon of water per person per day which meets FEMA guidelines for emergency water provisions.

The City of Grants Pass Water Treatment Plant knows that if there was a catastrophic failure at the plant we do have a short-term solution, the WERT. The WERT can supply water during an emergency. During a major catastrophe, it can take several days to weeks for outside resources to reach citizens and deliver fresh water supplies to the stores.

To have complete water services restored after a major catastrophe it may take up to a year or more to complete full restoration of the treatment plant.

The WERT is one more example of how the Water Division is planning ahead to ensure that our community will have access to clean, safe water in the event of an emergency.

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