How do I qualify?

Step One: Visit the city’s webpage to fill out the application or pick up an application at the Community Development Department, Room 202. Submit the application to the city for weatherization or rehabilitation work to be performed on your home. You must provide proof of ownership and occupancy and be within the income limits listed above. Your property taxes must be current and not in foreclosure. You will need to provide proof of homeowner’s insurance and your home must be structurally sound and able to pass a basic inspection for habitability and safety.

SEE: examples of Weatherization activities vs. Rehabilitation activities

Step Two: All applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be placed on a waitlist during the enrollment period. Qualified applicants will be processed in the order in which they were received beginning on October 2, 2023. City staff will reach out as applications are being processed to acquire proof of income and other required verifications if needed. The city processes applicants in small batches based on the amount of available funds.

The work to be performed on your home will be using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) government funds. The city’s CDBG program allocates funds each year for these projects depending on the annual grant award received each year. As such, the amount of funds available each year will vary and may also have a cap. The city works with several partners in the community who will be your contacts.

Step Three: Partner Contact

  • One of our partners will contact you to perform an inspection of the dwelling and determine what repairs are necessary.
  • After the inspection, our partner will provide a bid for the work to be done which is then reviewed by city staff and the Housing Authority Sub-Committee to determine what work is approved.
  • Upon approval of the work to be performed, our partner contacts you to set a date and time to begin the work.
  • After completion of the work, our partner checks with you to make sure the work is acceptable and sends an invoice for payment to the city.
  • The city reimburses our partner for the costs of repairs and other costs associated with the delivery of the repairs with the city’s CDBG program funds.

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1. What are the income limits for a family living in Grants Pass?
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3. How do I qualify?
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6. How long will the repairs take to complete?