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Public Comment for City Council Meetings

  1. Please fill out the following form to give public comment at an upcoming City Council meeting. You can either choose to send a written public comment or, you can submit a card to indicate you would like to give public comment in person at an upcoming meeting. Thank you for participating in your local government - we value and appreciate your input! 

    Some items to note: 

    1. You can give both general public comments or comment on a specific agenda item. 
    2. Public comments on a specific agenda item will be taken when that agenda item is discussed by the Council.
    3. Complete this form to comment on items that are not on the agenda.
    4. You can find the agenda for upcoming Council meetings in the Agenda Center. 
  2. City Council Meetings are held at n the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

  3. If speaking on the behalf of a third party

  4. Required for Land Use Hearings.

  5. Is this a public hearing?
  6. Would you like to give written or spoken comment?
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