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Abandoned Auto Report

  1. Abandoned Auto Process
    Grants Pass Municipal Code 5.20 prohibits the deposit or storage of inoperable motor vehicles and parts thereof upon public property, including the public roadway. The purpose of this code is to prohibit the deposit of motor vehicles upon public property since such vehicles / parts create fire hazards and other safety and health hazards.

    These vehicles also interfere with the comfort and well-being of the public, are offensive to sight, interfere with the use and enjoyment of adjacent properties and hinder proper and orderly residential and commercial development and use.

    Pursuant to Grants Pass Municipal Code 6.03.035 (Storage and Parking on Public Streets of Motor Vehicles), a vehicle on public property is considered to be abandoned when left on the roadway for more than 72 hours during any 73 hour period.

    Movement of such motor vehicle for a distance of less than 300 feet constitutes continuous and uninterrupted parking or storage in the same location. The abandoned auto process is as follows:

    1.Receive and respond to a complaint of an abandoned auto
    2. "Pink tag" the vehicle and chalk mark the tires
    3. Complete abandoned auto paperwork, which includes a certified mailing of the paperwork to the registered owner of the vehicle
    4. Return to the location in which the vehicle was reported to be abandoned after one week
    5. If the vehicle has remained unmoved or has failed to move the required distance, the vehicle will be issued a $25 citation for violating the city's abandoned auto ordinance
    6. The vehicle's information will then be faxed to one of the city's 2 abandoned auto tow companies
    7. Within 72 hours of the information being faxed, the vehicles should then be removed from the roadway.
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