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Violation of City Ordinances - Investigation Request Form

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  3. Anonymous Complaints
    All anonymous complaints will be processed.

    Although anonymous complaints are accepted and processed, anonymity presents a number of practical limitations. For example, without your name and phone number, we are unable to report back the results of our investigations to you, which is our practice. Often, we will have additional questions, the answers to which will help us determine the existence of a violation. In other cases, the success of a complaint will be dependent upon testimony from the person(s) who have filed the complaint.

    A Note on Confidentiality: Persons who identify themselves in their complaint sometimes wish to do so in confidence. It is the city’s practice not to disclose the identity of individuals who file a complaint. Under Oregon law, ORS 192.502(4), persons wishing to submit a confidential complaint must request confidentiality in writing. With such a request, the city will exercise good faith not to disclose the information so long as (1) the information may reasonably be considered confidential, and (2) the public interest would suffer by the disclosure. Confidentiality under Oregon Public Records laws cannot be guaranteed, however.
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